To better understand your needs please take out time to fill out our puppy application below before
emailing for information. By cut/pasting and answering the following questions this will speed up the
process in adopting a newfy.   Just some quick tips on how to cut/paste this application.  I have had several inquiries on how you cut and paste documents. I use to have trouble cut/pasting also after repeatedly taking notes over  the phone. So here we go...

1) What is your name , address, and phone number ?

  2) What state do you live in?

  3) Do you want a newfy as a pet or for show/breed?

  4) Do you have a fenced yard, invisible fencing, privacy fence or kennel run  for added security?

  5) Where will your newfy spend most of its time? Indoors or  Outdoors?

  6) Have you ever owned a newfy before?

   7) Have you ever bred and/or raised puppies before?

   8) Do you know of anyone that has a newfy?

   9) Have you seen a newfy in person?

   10) Do you have any dogs now?

  11) If you have dogs, how many dogs do you have, what breed, & what age are they?

12) If you own pets now, are they spayed or neutered?

13) Are you willing to spay/neuter if you are to get a newfy?

14) Do any of the family members have allergies to dogs ?

15)  Do you have children? What are their ages?
(Newfies absolutely love children and our dogs are raised with children).

16) Do you live in a house or an apartment?

17) Do you have a color preference? (We raise blacks/landseers)

18) Do you want a male or a female? or no preference?

19) Would you be interested in an adult?

20) Will shipping be required? (We are located approx. 2 hrs. south of Indianapolis, IN or about 45 minutes north of Louisville, KY.) Shipping available on
puppies only at additional cost within the USA.

21) How soon are you wanting to get a newfy puppy or an adult ?

22) Have you owned a dog within the last 5 years?  

23) Do you have any cats? If so how many?

24) Do you own any other animals?

25) If your pet died, please describe your pets condition and at what age it passed away.

26) What age best describes you ?  Teens,  20- 30's, 30-40's, 40-50's, 50-60's, 60-70's, 70- 80's, 80-90's 

27) How many hours per day will your pet be left alone?

28) When you are gone where do you plan to keep your pet?

29) Because we care so much about our puppies & where they go.............Please include your vet clinic name, vets
name, phone number and the name of your pets.  You will need to contact your vet first letting them know that it
is ok for Maria Hall to obtain a vet reference & then email me back to  say it is OK to make the phone call since you have spoke with the vet clinic.  We do not ask any personal questions about you...........only
about the pets!  We would also be happy to provide you with a vet reference if you choose to want one. Thanks for your interest in our Newfoundland puppies!

Application for Newfy Adoption
Available Newfs